The art of life is the art of avoiding pain

-Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A whole new world...

SOOOOO..... Alot has changed in the time since I have posted... Jeremy and I are no longer married, I was engaged briefly to another man who broke my heart and I recently started dating a new man :). I don't really have time to go in to all of it...but I do plan on blogging through this change in my life now. Maybe if I get it out in the ether it will make more sense to me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

So it has been a month

....and technically I have nothing to say! There are things going on in my life, for sure...but not all are for public consumption.

This I am doing that you can know about? CAMPING!!!!!!! We bought all the stuff this weekend and we are going on our first trip this weekend! WOoooO.

Also, I am unnaturally addicted to GraphJam....
funny graphs
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yea, i need a real life right? well i kinda am developing one....haha

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wal-Mart is wrong, PERIOD.

Let's say you live in a state where medical marijuana was legal. Ok add the fact that you are terminally ill into that mix. Now let's say you have a job, a decent job, one you work really hard at, it pays your bills and provides you with insurance.

Ok, now you lost it.

Why you ask? Because your employer tested you after you hurt yourself on the job, and that herb that was keeping your horrible and nauseating pain away shows up. Now you never smoked before work, or worked under the influence. You didn't use for fun, or to *get high*. You were in pain, and it helps more effectively and less dangerously than ANY pain reducer on the market, prescription or otherwise.

This is outrageous to say the least. Wal-Mart is wrong, and they need to know it. If you agree, please email them, tell them that they are wrong and tell them that you wont shop there anymore.

Thats what I intend to do. I may not ever shop there again, which is not something I have ever considered before. I was a die-hard Wal-Mart shopper, making it a point to visit any new stores that opened, I like the merchandise, I like the savings. But not anymore. SAY NO TO IGNORANCE.

read the story here and contact wal-mart here

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How I Spent March 9th (so far)

I woke up today wanting desperately to go camping, in a way I have never experienced before. So I jump outta bed, go to hit the net for supplies and all that good stuff. The internet is out :( so I watch TV instead.

When my dad and Jer wake up, we take care of the phone and its all set up again (obviously I am blogging right now lol). They took care of it really fast and while he is on the phone I look at my hair and decide I want to cut off the hack job the lady did on V-Day and maybe dye it a new color. Jer picks black (which I had secretly been wanting) but when I run it by the daddio, he thinks I will look bad, so I nix it. Apparently Jeremy also thought I should stick with red, but thought I didnt want red anymore so said black.

I go to the Supercuts (i had already spent 20 on this hair and it was an epic fail) and the girl is SO good at her job. She cut ALL the split ends (which I almost never have so I was super glad to see them gone) and fixed the bangs :).

I go to Sally's to buy my dye, and another brand has a buy 3 get 6 oz of my favorite conditioner/sealer for free. YAY!

So here I am, covered in dye (I forgot how much harder it is to do it alone) and waiting for it to set:
And my delicious lunch, Kalua Pork from the Hawaiian BBQ at the end of the street (on a side note this is an entry for my 101in1001):
Wet hair, right out of the towel, so this is the color my hair is when it is wet:

And finally! My hair totally dry and put up (i didnt feel up to styling it, and i lost my flat iron):
So there was my day (so far) and now I am off to work on some Geisha ATCs :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

I am no good :(

Ok, so leaving Craftster is kinda getting to me. I miss being able to share opinions and art with people on a daily basis. So I went to look for a new forum, and with my new obsession with ATCs I thought that a forum highlighting that would be ideal. I found and figured I would try it out. First I was pretty sure I would be miserable, so I asked how to delete my profile (I looked everywhere before asking). Everyone was so nice that I decided to give it a real try. A bunch of people recommended adding some cards to the trading gallery, so I set forth to make some. I decided on a Travel themed set. I got halfway through the first one and started feel anxious, like it wouldn't be good enough. By the second card I decided to stop. Art should never make me feel like this, and it never has before (even swapping for as long as I did, I almost never worried about what I made, I knew I did my best).

I don't hate them, but I don't think they would be trade worthy. I do kind of hate that I feel so unsure of myself. I said it when I started out that I made these cards for me, and trading wasn't in my plan. I should have stuck to that plan.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pouting because...?

On a message board I rarely participate in because there are MANY many MANY people with whom I strongly disagree with on most topics, and they are brutal about it, a woman posted a pity party thread that her request for prayers for her mother in law were largely ignored, while Marie Osmond received pages and pages. My issue with this:

1. Prayers are wishes, absolutely no tangible purpose.
2. She was upset that people didnt take time out of their lives to post that they were making wishes for her.
3. She seemed to really believe that if more people would have posted (or in her mind cared) it would have made a difference.
4. She is now relying on her *true friends* to wish for her.

Um, okay???

That is so petty, immature, odd and emotionally manipulative. You guys didnt make me feel wanted, so now you feel guilty for it. Boo-frickin-hoo. The fact that ANYONE made wishes for you, much less posted that they would, is better than none. Especially when what you WANT is support, not wishes.

It is just baffling to me that she would even think to post the pity party thread at all...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A little me :)

Working on my ATC's and decided to do a picture for the topic of "Childhood". I have a shit ton of baby pictures so I just grabbed a handful and picked the one I liked the best of those 10 or so. This is someone's birthday, likely mine. All I used was Picasa, so it isn't all fancy, but I really like it :).
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